Video Marketing Trends in 2021

2021 Video Marketing Trends

As part of our 2021 marketing trends series, we are diving into trends in video marketing and how you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Video continues to perform well, with individuals watching over one billion hours of video on YouTube each day.1 It is personal, easy to consume and provides a feeling of connection, making it a great way to engage viewers. If you’re wondering what’s on the horizon for video marketing, keep reading.

Social Media Video

Social media holds a large stake in the video marketing industry. More people are interacting with video on social media than ever before, and platforms are adapting. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced that the platform plans to embrace video more and transition away from its reputation as a photo-sharing app.2 Leading the social video trend, TikTok was the most downloaded social media app in 2021.3

Social media provides a unique opportunity for video marketing. Many users turn to social media to relax, look for inspiration and catch up with others. Incorporating short-form videos that are native to the platform is a great way to reach audiences where they are and increase brand awareness. As platforms evolve, the algorithms are preferring video more, meaning your content will perform better if it is in video form. Don’t have time to create high-quality videos for every post? Consider creating lightweight videos using image assets. It will enable you to reap some of the benefits of video for a smaller investment.

Viewing Platforms

Social media is consumed primarily on mobile and over half of video views on YouTube come from mobile devices.4 The majority of people have access to a smartphone, meaning that information is easily accessible when they need it. Whether it is a music video or instructional video for a project, many turn to their phones for video. However, more video is consumed on desktop than you may expect.

So what does this mean? You should develop video with the audience and platform in mind. If it is a long, descriptive video showcasing your product’s features, consider optimizing for desktop. If it is a short-form video like an Instagram reel, it should be created with the mobile viewer in mind.

Video Reviews & Informational Content

Testimonials have proven to be an effective marketing strategy for years. Video elevates this concept through reviews or testimonials. People use video as a way to learn more about a product before actually purchasing.5 You can leverage this opportunity by featuring real customer reviews or partnering with an industry social media influencer to review your products. Whether it’s YouTube or an Instagram story, video reviews help customers get a better feeling for a product and decide if it’s right for them.

Shoppable Video

Ecommerce continues to grow, and video can complement the buyer’s journey in new ways. Looking ahead, expect to see an increase in shoppable video, or video featuring products and embedded links. Instead of linking texts or buttons that are directed to an external site, shoppable videos enable shoppers to purchase a product without leaving the video. This streamlines the buying process and satisfies the customer’s desire to purchase instantly. Video shopping is not a new concept, but shoppable videos are an innovative trend to keep your eye on.

Live Streaming and Virtual Events Continue

Live streaming and virtual events significantly increased in 2020. As we look ahead, we expect these technologies to continue to improve and be used more than ever. Companies and individuals can now go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more. Interactive video and augmented reality strive to provide an immersive experience and companies continue to release new features. If you are looking for new ways to reach customers, consider the possibilities of live streaming or interactive video.

Videos as Search Results

Videos are being discovered in new ways, and search results are one of them. Google is using a powerful AI to analyze videos and identify objects, places and actions in videos and show them in search results.6 For example, a search asking ‘How to change a tire?’ may deliver a video showing the process in addition to a traditional online article. If you have information that could be presented through video, bring your idea to life through a strategic script, engaging footage and optimize it like a written piece.

Strategies and trends will change, but video remains one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands today. If you’re looking to start a new video project, contact us with any questions and stay tuned for more marketing trends.