Operating the Missouri State Fair | 11 Days & Beyond

LIVE FROM THE FAIR – OUTdrive Episode 65 with Mark Wolfe

The Missouri State Fair only comes around once a year for 11 days. But, it takes every bit of the other 354 days of the year to make it happen. To kick-off OUTdrive’s “Live from the Fair” series, I sat down with the director of the fair, Mark Wolfe, to talk about the work, rewards, and challenges that come with putting on the state’s largest agriculture expo.

Originally from Mountain Grove, Mark moved to the area to attend college, earning a degree in agricultural business from Missouri Valley College. He went on to own and operate a construction business for nearly 20 years before joining the Missouri State Fair staff in 2004 as facilities manager. In 2009, Wolfe was promoted to director, making the 2021 fair his 12th at the helm.

Tune into this episode of OUTdrive for a behind the scenes look at the Missouri State Fair.