Growing Through Faith

OUTdrive episode 173 with Chris Guffey

OUTdrive Episode 173 with Chris Guffey

Out here in rural America, as well as in cities, many churches are struggling to stay relevant and meet the needs of its members and society. For most churches, bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic has been challenging, as people have gotten out of the habit, lost interest or simply found other things to do. However, some churches have not only survived but thrived thanks to good leadership, a vision, strong communications and the grace of God.

Listen in to our interview with Chris Guffey, the pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Pettis County, Missouri, as he shares his perspective on serving the Lord, his congregation and his community. Chris is a mentor to many, with a focus on youth, and he has built a dynamic church by leading by example and using innovative marketing tools to help tell their story. There are takeaways galore for anyone working in the marketing space or for those of us dealing with the challenges of life today.