Investing in Entrepreneurs

OUTdrive episode 174 with Neenah Jain

OUTdrive Episode 174 with Neenah Jain

Out here in the country, there are a lot of exciting things happening. Every day, entrepreneurs, both young and old, are coming up with innovative ideas and turning them into some of the new products and services we experience in our lives. Many times, those folks need a little shot in the arm financially to either help them get their idea off the ground, grow it or scale it, and that brings us to our guest today.

Neenah Jain is the Chief Financial Officer for Armory Square Ventures. Neenah is a lifelong Midwesterner who currently resides in Indianapolis and she brings a wealth of experience to our podcast, having moved back and forth between the business worlds of Dallas and New York and more rural communities like the one she grew up in. As a partner at ASV, Neenah is a leader on a team dedicated to backing mission-driven entrepreneurs who strive to transform traditional industries and uplift their communities.

Listen in to learn what kind of companies and entrepreneurs venture capitalists are looking to partner with, how the process works, why a VC might be a better option than a traditional bank loan and how they help companies grow and someday sell.