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OUTdrive episode 148 with Steve Moore

OUTdrive Episode 148 with Steve Moore

There are literally thousands of opportunities in today’s world to find a career that fits well with your interests and strengths. Our guest today was fortunate to find one right out of college that fit so well, he stayed for a 30 year career.

Steve Moore is a chemical engineer by trade. Having grown up in a suburban/rural setting, he attended Mizzou and was recruited by Procter & Gamble, where he relocated to Cincinnati. After a very successful career leading global research and development on several major brands, he shifted his focus and applied his expertise and strengths to other business ventures. Today, he is directing his energies toward cancer research and living a full and active life.

Listen in to hear his insight on navigating a path with a Fortune 500 company and all the opportunities that can come your way. You can also learn about his appreciation for life in rural America.