Year-Round at the Missouri State Fair

OUTdrive episode 147 with Steven SIms

OUTdrive Episode 147 with Steven Sims

The Missouri State Fairgrounds is known primarily for the State Fair which is held every year around the middle of August. What you may not know though is there are events there year-round. From rodeos, quinceañeras and weddings, to picnics, concerts, camping, and livestock shows, the Missouri State Fairgrounds has events that spark interest in individuals from all over rural America. Across the 396 acres of the fairgrounds’ property, 20 different venues are available to rent for an event. The person to call to arrange these events is our guest today.

Steven Sims, the Missouri State Fair Off Season Events and Concessions Manager, is joining us to discuss the year-round use of fairgrounds, the process of booking concessions, and his passion for putting on events for rural Americans.