Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest nights in advertising, and this past Sunday was no different. It was a great game that kept us watching until the very end. Along the way, we enjoyed the show and made note of some of our favorite commercials.

As always, it’s hard to pick favorites as there were a lot of great commercials throughout the game. Our team discussed our top picks and opinions differed based on personality, background and perspective. Although there are many great ones to choose from, there were several commercials that stuck out to the Callis team for different reasons.

Amazon | Mind Reader

The Callis team really liked the Amazon commercial because it utilizes humor and a relatable real-life perspective to showcase its products in a creative way. Many of us have smart devices in our homes and know how helpful, yet sometimes frustrating, they can be.

If you live with a significant other, you may relate to the internal thoughts of Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost such as turning on the blender while your partner is talking or ruining your partner’s secret recipe over dinner with guests. The commercial makes it easy to imagine yourself purchasing the product and keeps the message simple.

Coinbase | Win $3 Million – Bitcoin

The Coinbase commercial may have been one of the simplest, yet most popular, spots of the night. The Callis team named it a favorite because of the strategy and incredible effectiveness of the QR code. In a stream of traditional commercials, a colorful QR code and attention-grabbing music stood out.

What we like most about the spot is that Coinbase created it with its audience in mind. Individuals interested in crypto-currency are more likely to be tech-savvy and immediately be intrigued by the QR code on the screen. It was effective, with the Coinbase website and app receiving so much traffic it crashed – giving the company even more space in the headlines after the fact. Although the product may not be for everyone, we have to tip our hats to the simplicity and strategy of this spot.

Google | Lizzo in Real Tone #SeenOnPixel


Google’s commercial for the new Google Pixel 6 phone is one of our favorites because it starts out with a powerful message and introduces a solution to a problem. The message and creativity are incredibly targeted to the desired audience, and the commercial was strategically placed in a coveted spot shortly after halftime when the majority of Google’s audience was certainly turned in.

Although Google is advertising its Google Pixel 6 phone, the commercial introduces real people, real faces and real photos to tell the story through imagery and powerful music. Google is changing the way that technology works and introducing improvements that will positively impact the lives of those who use it. At the end of the day, technology is a tool to make life better and Google continues to be a leader in the space.

The Joneses | 2022 Tundra | Toyota 30s


We have all heard the phrase ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’. Toyota took the saying one step further and brought the star power in a humorous, feel-good spot. Although it was only thirty seconds, Toyota engaged viewers from the beginning as Leslie Jones, Tommy Lee Jones, Rashida Jones and Nick Jonas traversed rough, muddy and snowy terrain in the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

What our team enjoyed most about the commercial is that it was short and to the point while remaining lighthearted and meaningful. Audiences of all ages and interests were reached thanks to the wide variety of Joneses (or Jonas, in this case) and Toyota did a great job of showcasing the capabilities of the trucks while keeping the audience engaged.

Push It | Flamin’ Hot | Super Bowl LVI TV Spot

The Frito Lay ‘Flamin’ Hot’ spot made the Callis team’s list of favorites because of its humor and unique approach to a common snack. Although their products can be found in many homes, Frito Lay finds creative ways to show their snacks in a new light and delivers popular commercials each year.

What we enjoyed most about this commercial is that it starts off slowly to capture your attention. As time goes on, more animals and music join the party and by the end, you are left laughing and humming along to the popular song. Throughout the commercial, the product remains the center of attention, yet the sales message is gentle enough to make you laugh and want to join the fun.

Uber Don’t Eats


Uber Don’t Eats was a Callis team favorite because it effectively communicated the service being sold in a way that left us all laughing. Uber recognizes the changing environment and increased use of food and grocery delivery services by adapting their service offerings.

The commercial features star talent Jennifer Coolidge, Trevor Noah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicholas Braun who mix up their Uber Eats and Uber Don’t Eats. Although we don’t suggest eating aluminum foil or dish soap, we do suggest brands continue to expand service offerings to meet the needs of their customers and find creative ways to announce, just like Uber Eats did.

There were many great commercials on the air during the Super Bowl and these are just a few of our team’s favorites. Many left us laughing and creatively told a story while introducing a product or service. We can’t wait to what the brands bring for next year’s big game!