Lesson 7 – Know Your Team

Lesson 7 - Know Your Team

As our agency grew, taking on new clients, looking at new opportunities, and selling new projects, finding new people to join us became paramount to our success. When you’re a small business, every employee has to be an A player, and we had them, and we added more of them as we needed them. We’re glad we did because the clients became larger and the projects did too, and we had to perform. During this time, we were very fortunate to be able to propose on the largest projects we had ever done, and they were both for the same client. Frankly, it was scary, but as we better understood the expectations and we thought about each team member and their strengths and weaknesses, we were able to confidently proceed with proposals, the sale and the execution of some major projects. It wasn’t without sleepless nights and challenges, but we got it done. As you’re building your team, know what each one of them is capable of. Then proceed knowing that as a team, you’re going to be successful.