Lesson 8 – Learn the Business

Lesson 8: Learn the Business

One of our goals with every client relationship is to learn their business. Obviously, we need to understand the specifics about their products and services to be able to promote them, but it goes well beyond that. We always want to know what their long-term objectives are so we can help them achieve them. Do they want to build their business up to sell or pass it along to their children? Are they responsible for generating an expected ROI for their shareholders? Whatever it is, we need to know. We also need to know how they operate, how they make their products, price them and distribute them. We need to make sure that their values align with ours and ultimately, we need to understand how they get customers, keep customers, serve customers and make money, so we can help them make more. Thanks to all of our clients for sharing their business with us. It’s an honor to learn it.