Trust but Confirm

Trust but Confirm Kari Mergen

The Concept of Welcoming New Perspectives in a Marketing Environment

OUTdrive Episode 6 with Kari Mergen

As professionals, we are always looking for ways to build a stronger team to provide the best results possible. A strong leadership philosophy is vital to the success of a team and company. One example of a great leadership philosophy is to trust but confirm.

To create a successful team, you must be willing to welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives, whether that is through team brainstorming or bringing interns and new professionals into the mix. Add these fresh perspectives to a trust but confirm management motto and you are setting your team up for success. But why should you consider this leadership style for your organization?

Reasons to Consider the Trust but Confirm Management Style

  1. Autonomy: It is human nature to want to feel accomplished and proud of a job well done. Allowing employees autonomy to complete a project is positively reinforcing for them and will build their confidence. Employees who have ownership of their work and feel satisfied are more likely to be happy and perform well.
  2. Efficiency: Allowing team members to work independently means they are less distracted by interruptions and can focus on the task at hand. Encouraging independence and confirming details only when necessary means supervisors have more time to focus on their own assigned tasks instead of checking in on others more often than needed. This allows for a more efficient working environment overall.
  3. Constructive Feedback: It is important to offer constructive feedback to employees on projects at strategic points of production. By giving team members the freedom to work independently, you are able to confirm their work and offer guidance at designated stages instead of random times. This will lead to the highest quality of work in the most efficient amount of time.

Each organization will perform optimally using a leadership style that works best for their unique environment. While it may not be suitable for every company, the trust but confirm management motto provides new ideas that every professional can implement in their workplace.

This philosophy was recently shared with us by Kari Mergen, marketing director of the Missouri State Fair who has worked there for over twelve years. She implements these ideas each year as she welcomes interns onto her team and continuously strives to provide the best marketing campaign for the greatest eleven days in August in Missouri. Hear more from Kari as she visits with Cliff Callis on the recent episode of OUTdrive. Click play now to listen!