Listening to Understand

Mark Russell Listen to Understand

The Power of Building Relationships in Rural America

OUTdrive Episode 5 with Mark Russell

With technology being used in nearly every aspect of our lives, it is challenging to cultivate personal relationships. One way to build these relationships is by listening to fully understand the needs of our audience. As a professional, this means taking the time to truly understand what your consumers need, whether it is through in-person conversations, listening to the social media landscape, research and analytics or other methods. Using these methods to create a strong understanding allows you to develop a proactive approach to successfully build relationships with clients and consumers.

Tips for Building Client Relationships

There are numerous ways to meet the needs of consumers and build relationships with them, including meeting people where they are with the information they are seeking. If someone is searching for a solution to an issue, the answer needs to be easy to find. People today demand ease and convenience in their lives. We live in a fast paced society and expect brands to deliver at a fast pace as well. If you do not provide information quickly, it is guaranteed that somebody else will.

By providing the information they are seeking where they are and when they want it, consumers will begin to appreciate your efforts and turn to you as a trusted source of information. Knowing that they can count on your brand to quickly provide answers and ideas will lead to stronger brand recognition and mutually beneficial relationships.

Listening to understand and meeting consumers where they are, are building blocks to developing mutually-beneficial relationships. However, above all, you must remember the importance of a personal connection. Personal connections are becoming fewer and further between in today’s world of technology and social media. New technologies are great tools to communicate with consumers, but the messages used must remain personal.

People appreciate content that is quick and easily consumable when it is convenient for them. However, for it to resonate and make a lasting impression, it must be personal in nature. Consumers want to know that they are appreciated and valued by your brand. Provide them with individualized content that they will find valuable to really make a connection.

To best determine where to meet consumers and what kind of content they will appreciate, you must take the first step of listening to understand. Using these tips together will set the tone for the relationship between your brand and your audiences.

Hear more about the importance of listening to understand and utilizing technology to create personal connections from Cliff Callis and Mark Russell in this recent episode of OUTdrive. Mark speaks from his experience as executive director of the Missouri Beef Industry Council and his successful career in the communications and beef cattle industry. Click play for more insider insights!