State of the Outdoor and Shooting Sports Industry Looking Forward to 2018

By November 9, 2017 No Comments

Throughout the year, representatives from Callis attend and participate in industry events for the industries we work in. We talk to people, make connections and try to gain valuable insights that can help us do our job as marketers better. If you work in the Outdoor and Shooting Sports industries, then my guess is that you know the “state of the industry.” In general, it is down, subsiding from an all-time high in 2014, a little up-tick in the pre-election uncertainty in 2016, then moving into the coined phrase of the “Trump Slump” in 2017. What we’ve learned though, surprisingly, is that it’s not all down.

There are companies working in the outdoor and shooting sports markets that are doing well. Some are actually doing very well. We’ve put together a few key-takeaways from what we’ve learned over the last couple months from those businesses that are excelling during this turbulent time and hope they’ll help you, as you look forward to and plan for the coming year.

Innovation is Vital to Success

Innovation is driving the bus. The companies with new and innovative products and product lines seem to be getting the lion’s share of the sales. We know that many dealers are sitting on higher-than-they-would-like inventory levels. What can you make that they have to have? What can you make that they cannot refuse? What can you make that customers will come in asking for and what would make those customers want to buy your product over any other item in that dealer’s store?

Specialty Products are Moving

A key post-election trend is that customers are no longer buying products because they have to, out of fear that at some point in the near future they would be unavailable. Customers are buying products because they want them. They want them because they’re cool, they’re innovative, because they serve a purpose specific to their unique needs, and because that specific purpose allows them to experience something they enjoy.

Marketing Works

Marketing helps grow your brand and your business when you are rocking and rolling. No doubt. However, it also helps offset downward trends and poises your company for growth in the future. A huge opportunity lies in front of you when your competitors stop marketing. There is opportunity for you to gain valuable market share for when a more ideal market returns. Customers won’t know your competitors, but they will know you, and that’s who they’ll turn to for their purchases.