Mass Communications from the Bottom Up

OUTdrive Episode 136 with Sean Hadley

OUTdrive Episode 136 with Sean Hadley Did you know St. Louis claims the fourth largest sewer district in the country, only behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago? The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) is responsible for servicing nearly 10,000 miles of pipeline and over a million customers. So, you may be wondering what…

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Top OUTdrive Podcasts of 2022

Top OUTdrive Podcasts of 2022

OUTdrive Episode 135 | SOLOCAST 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and fun weekend celebrating the start of the new year. Now that 2023 is officially here, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look back at our top downloaded episodes from 2022. In…

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Company Culture

OUTdrive episode 134: Company Culture

OUTdrive Episode 134 | SOLOCAST Culture is intangible, but you can feel it when you walk in a room. How would you describe the culture at your company? Whether it is clearly defined or not, every organization has a certain feel – or a “vibe” as the cool kids call it these days. At Callis,…

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Showing How Missouri Farmers Care

OUTdrive Episode 133 with Ashley McCarty

OUTdrive Episode 133 with Ashley McCarty Those of us who live, work and play in rural America know how important farmers are to our society. But, not everyone lives in a region surrounded by farms and farmland, which is why Missouri Farmers Care was established to promote the growth of Missouri agriculture and rural communities…

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Getting Back to Grassroots Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 132 with Brad Loos

OUTdrive Episode 132 with Brad Loos There are no less than a million things you can be doing digitally to reach your audience, and it’s easy to fall into the idea that you need to have a presence on every new media channel out there. Sometimes, you just need to get back to grassroots marketing.…

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Navigating Complex Communications

OUTdrive Episode 131 with Jon Doolittle

OUTdrive Episode 131 with Jon Doolittle There is no denying that healthcare is complex. Terminology, technology, and insurance just scratch the surface of understanding the system. This impacts the way hospitals and healthcare systems communicate with stakeholders, from the messaging they use to the media platform they use to get it out there. In this…

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Talking Agency Trends

OUTdrive episode 130: Talking Agency Trends with Megan Hartman

OUTdrive Episode 130 with Megan Hartman The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can feel like sprinting through a marathon, especially for those in the marketing industry. We know many of our listeners are back at it, too, grinding away to catch up on emails and tasks following the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s why we made today’s…

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Connecting with People Through Loyalty

OUTdrive episode 129 with Mark Ross-Smith

OUTdrive Episode 129 with Mark Ross-Smith Every loyalty program should be designed to do one primary function: connect people; connect people to the things they want, to the rewards they can earn, or the status they want to attain. For example, we see commercials all the time for companies emphasizing their points, miles, and perks…

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Finding the Honey Hole

OUTdrive Episode 128 with Brian Sowers

OUTdrive Episode 128 with Brian Sowers “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” There are very few things you can do throughout your whole life, but fishing is one of them. And, there is hardly a…

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Part 2: Investing in Digital Marketing

OUTdrive episode 127 Part 2 with Steve Kroll

OUTdrive Episode 127 with Steve Kroll When a consumer comes across your online presence, can they tell who you are? Or, maybe more importantly, can they tell what you are not? In our second episode with Steve Kroll, we discuss why businesses located in the Midwest should be leaning into what they know and asking…

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Part 1: Predictability of Search Engine Marketing

OUTdrive episode 126 Part 1 with Steve Kroll

OUTdrive Episode 126 with Steve Kroll How do you know if your marketing campaign is working? Not all channels are created equally when it comes to reporting. Fortunately, digital marketing avenues such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), offer the value of predictive analytics and effective reach. In the first episode of a two-part podcast series,…

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A Business Approach to Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 125 with Darren Grove

OUTdrive Episode 125 with Darren Grove At Callis, we take pride in putting together a great marketing team to develop and execute the best insights and strategies for our clients. Part of that comes from finding people with all types of business-related backgrounds, like sales, finance, or communications. Darren Grove, one of our account executives,…

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Agriculture Education | Teaching More Than Farming

OUTdrive Episode 124 with Keith Dietzschold

OUTdrive Episode 124 with Keith Dietzschold Did you know that Missouri youth involved in agriculture education courses directly contribute to the state’s economy? In 2021 alone, Missouri FFA students generated over $58 million dollars of income through their supervised agriculture experience and work-based programs. And, those work experiences are not just farming-based, they are in…

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Benefits of Rural Community Colleges

OUTdrive Episode 123 with Dr. Brent Bates

OUTdrive Episode 123 with Dr. Brent Bates Community colleges offer accessible and affordable training and education to a diverse demographic of students. This brings value and economy to the rural communities in which they serve. In this episode, Cliff chats with Dr. Brent Bates, the president of State Fair Community College, to discuss how community…

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Marketing Authenticity

OUTdrive Episode 122 with Lorin Fahrmeier

OUTdrive Episode 122 with Lorin Fahrmeier Today’s market is lacking in what consumers crave most: authenticity. However, a recent surge in agritourism has many Missouri farmers opening their gates for visitors to buy locally sourced products, support small businesses, learn about agriculture firsthand and enjoy a family-friendly outing. It really doesn’t get more authentic than…

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Getting the Most Out of Life

OUTdrive Episode 121 with Dr. Doug Kiburz

OUTdrive Episode 121 with Dr. Doug Kiburz Some people just know how to get the most out of life. You know the ones – who are always pursuing a new hobby or interest. They are involved in community boards and organizations. They are always in the know about the next big thing in town, most…

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Pursuing the Higher Good

OUTdrive episode 120 with Andrew Dawson

OUTdrive Episode 120 with Andrew Dawson Local governments address issues that have an impact on nearly everyone who lives, works or plays within city limits. If you look around rural communities, you’ll see that many public servants are our neighbors, co-workers, and local business owners. Unlike federal lawmakers, these individuals actually have skin in the…

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Brand, Customer, and Employee Loyalty

OUTdrive episode 119 with Kyle & Kelsey Weymuth

OUTdrive Episode 119 with Kyle and Kelsey Weymuth The long-term success of a business hinges on loyalty. Every day, companies are competing for brand loyalty, customer loyalty, and employee loyalty. This might be most evident in the car industry. Purchases are few and far between and a customer usually has their mind made up before…

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Celebrating 35 Years

Solocast Episode 118: Celebrating 35 Years

OUTdrive Episode 118 | SOLOCAST 2022 is a significant year for Callis & Associates – it’s our 35th Anniversary! Back in January, we started our #CallisTurns35 initiative on our digital and social channels. Every week for the first 35 weeks of 2022, we shared a lesson from each year Callis has been in business and…

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Simplifying SEO and Digital Marketing

OUTdrive Episode 117 with Rogelio Rodriguez

OUTdrive Episode 117 with Rogelio Rodriguez We know there can be a lot of complexity surrounding digital marketing, specifically within the topic of Search Engine Optimization. But, when you break it down, SEO can be simplified to crafting the most relevant and accurate answers to your consumer’s frequently asked questions. In this episode, agency owner…

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