Lesson 3 – Accept Help

Lesson 3 - Accept Help

Back when we were just getting started, in the late 1980’s, there were people who wanted to help. Some came to work with us and gave us all they had. Some gave us business doing new and exciting projects when they didn’t have to. Some helped us learn things that we never would have even…

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Lesson 2 – Trust Me

Lesson 2 - Trust Me

Back in 1988, there were some folks who thought Cliff was crazy and that he would never make it in the advertising agency biz in such a small, rural market. There were people he had to convince so he would ask them to trust him. He used the word so frequently that our employees at…

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Lesson 1 – Listen

Lesson 1 - Listen

As we reflect on our first year in business, way back in 1987, we are reminded of how important it is to listen…to your head, your heart and your gut. When Cliff founded the agency, his mind told him there was nobody else doing what he set out to do. His heart confirmed that he…

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Callis Turns 35

Celebrating Callis Turns 35

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of Callis & Associates. To celebrate this milestone, we are launching the #CallisTurns35 campaign across our digital and social platforms. Every week for the next 35 weeks, we will post a lesson from each year Callis has been in business and spotlight a client or project…

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